Broadford RSL

A simple single skillion roof is elegantly shaped
to create a uniquely recognisable RSL club.

Broadford RSL

The brief required a practical and unique solution on a limited budget. Through a combination of the form with restrained colours and materials, the design aims to present a dignified and sensitive presentation which evokes subtle memories of military, aviation and naval shapes.

 The roof shape enables efficient collection of stormwater and high ceilings over the north public function side of the building. The front forecourt provides an area for community for commemorations and events.

The opening of the Broadford RSL was a proud day
for us as we saw our clients welcoming their guests and
the community to their new building. People of all ages engaged
with the forecourt and the internal spaces, sharing their views
of the building form and materials
— Anna Dutton, project Architect

Builder: CD and JM Sherwood
Photography by Jarrod Barnes