Our Studio


Bower Architecture & Interiors is an award-winning Melbourne design practice.

We create joyful three-dimensional spaces. Spaces that feel right for the client, location and environment.

We maximise every opportunity, revealing smart, memorable spaces that inspire, challenge, engage and excite.

We believe that bigger isn’t always better and think about how every millimetre will be used.

We believe good architecture will always integrate built form with landscape, and as such the design of both benefits when developed together.

Sustainability is integral to all of our projects and it’s often about common sense: maximising efficiency and minimising waste; maximising durability and minimising impact. 

We consider how a space will act now and in the future.

We are experienced and have faith in our process.  

We collaborate and work with our clients and with our builders, craftsman and experts.

We listen intently.

We love what we do.