Key Ingredients of a Timeless Space

Journal – 16 June 2022
By Anna Dutton Lourie

We were recently asked by one of our builders, Fortem Projects what in our opinion, are the key ingredients that makes a truly timeless space? Such a great question and I immediately thought deserving of a journal piece as this is a topic close to our hearts!

Bellbird House. Photo by Shannon McGrath.

Here are our top 5 ingredients for timelessness, that we love to incorporate into our projects:

1. Comfort as a focus

Spaces that feel comfortable, are well proportioned and are appropriate to human scale. Not too big, not too small. The wonder of a high ceiling is emphasised by a moment of ‘contraction’ elsewhere in the journey through the architecture, to contrast the experience.

2. Nature Doesn’t Date

Views to sky, a beautiful outlook and connections to landscape provide moments of peace and tranquillity. Similarly, architecture that invites daylight in winter but is protected during  summer, feels cool and well ventilated are also timeless feelings. Natural materials and a focus on sustainability goes with timelessness – you can read about our approach here.

3. A focus on unique functionality for an easy, changing lifestyle

Many of our clients intend to stay in their Bower Home for a long time and we make sure they can easily do all the things they love, gracefully aging in place without having to make significant changes to suit their changing needs. We get to know our clients closely, so we can provide a thoughtful, unique solution to their needs.

4. We don’t get sucked in by transient fads and fashions in design!

There will always be trends that come and go but focusing on natural, sustainable materials and a unique solution to our client’s brief, results in a timeless outcome. A controversial example is how complex home automation technologies which can become redundant quickly and can be complicated to upgrade or remove later in time.

5. Quality and elegance

Elegant, considered detailing of robust, high quality materials that last and age with grace and character will always be timeless. We work with highly skilled architectural builders who execute our vision of scale, proportion and detailing.

I agree with your 5 ingredients for timelessness as I sit in my Bower designed house!  I love it as much as I did when it was first completed. It is a delight.

Kathy, our client at the Bellarine Beach House

The timeless ensuite at our first ever project, Caulfield House. Photography is by Shannon McGrath 2008