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A special and beautiful place, connected to nature, to inhabit for a very long time

Above all else, clients tell us they approach our studio because they’re looking for a captivating quality home that will be a special and beautiful place for them to enjoy for a very long time. They trust us to create a timeless place that celebrates the joy in everyday moments, connects them to nature,  supports their wellbeing and is unique to the lives they lead.

New clients may have seen or experienced our projects online, in person, via awards programs or in magazines. They get in touch when our architecture and interior design brings them feelings of warmth, joy, calm and peace. Sometimes they are excited by the journey of unique spaces filled with natural light, the whimsical touches, the seamless or surprising connections to landscape and sky, and the way it all flows and functions so well. They are also pleased to see refined detailing and timeless robust materials used throughout.

New Modern

Our clients are often couples, families or singles who are going through a period change in their life and dreaming of a new home, a major renovation, a beach house or rural retreat.

Significantly, many of our clients are repeat clients or have been referred to us by past clients. We consider our past clients, living in their Bower homes, our ambassadors: Who could be a better at endorsing what we do? There is nothing more rewarding to us than hearing that their home feels a reflection of themselves, born out of a process that they really enjoyed: a high quality service rooted in respect, collaboration, integrity, fun and imagination.

It has been a pleasure to work with Bower throughout the entire process. I really felt like I got the perfect blend of professionalism and attention to detail combined with creative flair (and all of the team are super lovely to work with!) For me, the result has been amazing and I am so happy living here.

Rachel Kwei, Client, Pine Ridge

A sustainable and timeless home

Many clients are drawn to us because of our approach to sustainability. Sustainability is integral to all of our projects and it’s something we discuss from the very beginning.

For us, sustainability starts with building something that lasts – a building that is loved for over 50 years is a sustainable building. We are immensely proud that our houses from over 10 years ago still feel timeless.

We plan our buildings to make the most of natural light and processes such as natural ventilation and passive heating and cooling. We carefully plan shading and thermal mass to create stable indoor temperatures while also maximising efficiency and minimising waste in terms of space and materials. Maximising durability and using local, sustainably and ethically sourced materials and products whenever possible is a given.

Most of our projects feature solar power and batteries and eliminate natural gas (a non-renewable resource). All of these steps aim to significantly reduce or even eliminate the long-term energy costs to our clients and the environment. There are other systems and features that can supercharge your sustainable home even further should you desire.

Bower Architecture has been proudly carbon neutral since 2019.

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A highlight was definitely working with the Bower Team – we loved that they listened to us but also were prepared to explain their design ideas. And the attention to detail was fantastic.

Nicole and Cam, Clients, Bellbird House 

Hide and Seek House, Point Lonsdale

Is Bower right for you?

You are thinking about your future retirement and dreaming of your ‘forever home’.

Many of our clients are thinking of retiring soon and they are after their forever house that is designed just for them (not their kids!) If this sounds like you then we’re guessing you want a house that is refined and elegant, accessible, sustainable and low maintenance.

You want the space to be comfortable with consideration for great natural warmth and light, with careful acoustics. Most importantly, you need to be sure you can easily and comfortably get around the home – especially if you’re there until they wheel you out!

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Your family is growing or shifting to a different phase of life, and you need more or better spaces for living and growing.

We love assisting clients who are looking for a new or vastly improved family home. You may be outgrowing your present home or you are moving towards a different phase of family life and the spaces need to work and adapt to accommodate all members of the family.  

You could be looking for spaces to come together but at the same time need quiet spaces to work, play, rest and retreat. Chances are, you’re also looking to make your home supremely functional, fabulous for entertaining and somewhere robust with great flow and a place for everything.  

Chema, and many of our team members, have families at different stages so can relate to many of the challenges you want to fix in your home!

You are single or you are a couple without kids, and think it’s time to gift yourself a beautiful environment in which to live.

Many of our clients are singles or a couple without kids and they have realised it is time to honor their life with a home that truly nurtures their individuality and celebrates how they love to live. 

Perhaps you’re dreaming about creating dedicated spaces for your passion and hobbies with a music room, reading nook or craft spaces. Or maybe you’re thinking it’s time to splurge on luxe materials to create wow moments in your favourite parts of the home.

Anna is in this category and she feels strongly about expressing the joy of a single life or a life in a couple in the home. 

You are achieving a lifetime goal and treating yourself to a country house or beach house.

After lockdowns, working from home, homeschooling and being apart, the joy of a coastal or rural escape has never been stronger.

Perhaps you are after a place to connect with nature, the landscape, the sea and the seasons. Or you’re looking to treat yourselves with a quality beach or rural residence for you, your family and guests to enjoy. This special place will be somewhere to relax and unwind from your busy lives, to enjoy time together and spend time outdoors.

You might want a space that offers comfort and that holiday vibe year round, or perhaps you want somewhere that takes advantage of views and features some amazing ‘WOW’ moments. Either way, this home will include a seamless connection to outdoor spaces and be well zoned for different sizes and ages of inhabitants for you all to play, rest and retreat.   

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An enjoyable journey of creating their home

If you have not worked with an architect before, you may be feeling daunted and confused by the options of how to create your building, and the vastness of the project. Bower is an experienced professional team who can guide and assist you through the entire process.

Most of our clients are very busy people who like the way we take care of realising your vision with the design, but also taking care of all of the regulatory and building requirements that are part of a constructed project, so that you don’t need to worry about them!

The end result of our journey together is a really lovely building that will reflect your identity. But it’s not all about the end product. We understand that many people love the idea of creating something special, so we focus on making that creative journey enjoyable, rewarding and memorable.

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Bower Architecture intuitively respond to the natural elements on site, in proposing forever home[s] intended to patina and pattern in harmony with the elements.

Bronwyn Marshall, The Local Project