We reveal to our clients the spaces
 that were meant to be, shaped by the unique
 characteristics of each site and brief.

Bower Architecture is a Melbourne architecture and interior design practice formed in 2005 by Architect Directors Chema Bould, Anna Dutton and Jade Vidal. We strive to create timeless places that are loved by our clients and those who experience them. We maximise every opportunity, revealing smart, memorable spaces that inspire, challenge, engage and excite. 

We share our knowledge and joy for uncovering enduring spaces and interiors within which we live and work. We are disciplined in our thinking. Our architecture sits outside of fashion and is grounded in a collective view that the best and most sustainable design is that which is built to last and be celebrated for decades to come.

Bower_Sustainable Architecture
In every project we work to reveal intelligent and memorable spaces that inspire, challenge, engage and excite.
— Chema Bould, Anna Dutton & Jade Vidal, Architect Directors at Bower