Chris’s House

Portarlington, Victoria

This new house is a once in a lifetime project for Chris, a true gift to himself and his life in Portarlington. Chris was after a design that would interact with the life of the town, creating a feeling of connectedness with the street and village life. From the street he wanted it to feel architecturally enticing yet possessing a sense of modesty that reflects the Portarlington context.   

Bower understands me as a person and has nailed my brief.  I feel that we are both aligned on this project.

Chris, Client, Chris’s House

Joy in the daily rituals of life are celebrated in the design which a playful “dancing roof’ that welcomes in the sun so that all of the spaces feel bright, light and warm. Chris loves the interior design of the home which he will be excited to come home to and reflect a touch of glamour and flamboyance without being ostentatious.  

Project Info

Soon to start construction

Architecture and Interior Design
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