Parkville Terrace

Parkville, Victoria

Light has been brought into the room and the ceiling fresco now feels integrated to be part of the space; the integrity of the house has been maintained. The house now feels better connected – the living room connects well with both the front and the rear of the house so we find that we use the front room a lot more than we used to.

Owner’s Quote

In sensitively respecting the distinct Victorian character of the house, the interior elements were refined and a new ‘pair’ of rooms were revealed, both unique and complementary.

Anna Dutton Lourie, Co-Director, Bower Architecture & Interiors 

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Traditional People and Custodians

WurundjeriPeople of the Kulin Nation

Architecture and Interior Design

Bower Architecture & Interiors



Martina Gemmola

Paige Anderson

Artwork over Fireplace

Charles Blackman

Other Artwork



House & Garden Top 50 Rooms – Best Use of Colour – Winner

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